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China 3BHE023784R2530 PP D113 B01-25-111000 ABB DSQC334 3HAB5845-1 ABB manufacturer


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3BHE023784R2530 PP D113 B01-25-111000 ABB DSQC334 3HAB5845-1 ABB 

Qty (Piece/Pieces) Unit Price (960.0~999.0 USD)
1 999
2 980
3 970
4 + 960
Trade Term: FOB,EXW 
Payment Terms: T/T 
Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland) 
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Product Detail

Model No.: 3BHE023784R253 0
Production Capacity: 600
Delivery Date: 3-5 days
currency: EUR/CNY/USD
current: A/mA/uA
Country of origin: SWENEN
Means of Transport: Ocean,Land,Air
Packing: NEW carton
Brand Name: ABB
COLOUR: black/white/gray
version: C/D/E/F
voltage: VDC

1.20-30% discount to all products in Sep.
23BHE023784R2530 PP D113 B01-25-111000
3.All products are Made in 2017
4.factory sealed in Sweden

3BHE023784R2530  PP D113 B01-25-111000ABB
DSQC334  3HAB5845-1ABB



Email:sales* (please change * to @)


Mobile Phone:86-18030235311(WhatsApp)

Q Q:2851195444

Moore Automation Control System Fault Diagnosis


Provide system fault diagnosis, consultation, the overall process solutions and installation commissioning services


● Ethernet failure

● Industrial bus network: ControlNet, DeviceNet, ProfibusDP, Modbus and so on

● Servo system failure

● Touch screen upgrade

● computer operator station or host computer monitoring software upgrade

● Provide the overall solution for upgrading the old or discontinued PLC system in the factory


Programming debugging services and system maintenance

Can transport to the world.
(Rule out special circumstances can't transport area!)
If you need, please contact US.
[The contact information of the service]
① 24 hours to receive mail reply (12 hours);
② customer service chat messages, reply within 3 hours.
③ Shipped to countries outside of Asia, please contact the seller.(Part of the international area, free shipping)

[Friendship tip]
Ⅰ,The mode of transportation and freight:
① Shipping company according to different regions. (If you need to specify the shipping company, please contact the seller)
② freight, transport price (not including the national customs charges and other fees), according to the actual seller to provide shipping price shall prevail.
Ⅱ,Payment method:
Buyer please select a payment according to the actual situation, if in doubt contact the seller!
Ⅲ,Product quality and after-sales service:
1, Consulting the seller's product quality, buy again. If you have any questions, please contact the seller.
2, During the after-sales service, according to the circumstances. If you want to delay the after-sales service, or else the seller after-sale policy shall prevail. Please contact the seller.

Cybelec NSP 102

 Siemens 6ES5246-4UA11 

 ABB NINT-53 58907995H

 Siemens 6ES7133-0BH01-0XB0 

 ABB TC512 3BSE006383R1 Version L

 Relay Output Board Esser Trend AP102022 ISS 1 ctr.c 9507

 Ferag Soll list-anpassung EX 366.4 527.093/013 527.095.032

 Gildemeister board 0.873.133-2 EAM26 08731332EAM26

 Gildemeister board 0.873.133-1 EAM26 08731331EAM26

 Bedienpanel Panel Lewa Fis-Dialog 230061454

 Bedienpanel Witron TAST21-IBS-S2-T2

 Controller SCE Elettronica CNC M68 2 Rev 2.01 B1

 Schenck Multicont  FNT050

 Siemens Texas Instruments 505-2571 

 Schenck FEA L001 F201007.01 6Z09E1

 Funke Huster FHF CPU Z51-ZM 12 15011022

 ABB CI520V1 3BSE018269R1 Version D ohne Blende

 Ferag Micro-synschroeinsch EX 400.1 526.572.62 526.575.071

 Ferag 576.771.01 Relaiskombination ESA-RK

 ZAMW 42 B1 System ZM 200

 ZAMW 42 E1 System ZM 200

 ZGAD 11 A1 System ZM 200

 ZGST 11 A2 System ZM 200

 ZGMX 11 A1 System ZM 200

 ZGSü 21 A1 System ZM 200

 ZADI A1 System ZM 200

 Siemens 6ES5523-3UA11 

 Siemens 6ES5392-5AA11 

 Siemens 6FX1111-0AJ02 B00

 Funke Huster FHF Diagnosemodul Z51-DM 11 5060421

 SPS PCT102R PCT 102 R E16-A12/R2 Dokumentation

 Schleicher Battenfeld PDAA4 4.23.311.02 

 Schleicher Battenfeld PDAE 8 4.23.310 

 Lauer AVTCE II 2 MPI Profibusmodul aus AVTCE210.2

 Ferag Geberumschaltung EX 367.1 527.098.003 527.100.003

 Lewa SLK 7 230.061348.0000

 Einbaukarte Philips CPU/1 Bus Card Prozessmodul 8212 680 59092

 Einbaukarte Philips PO 1581/67 Analog Input 8212-680-74252

 Einbaukarte Philips 8421 Analog Input 8212 680 74251

 Heller Uni-pro CPU A01A CPU91-E93 M 23.020218-00898

 Heller Uni-pro ACPU90-VE C 23.050052-00904 20.003 649-05

 Siemens 6ES5420-4UA13 

 Panel Beijer E200 24V DC

 ABB DSQC 266T 3HAB8802-1/2B

 Siemens 6ES5470-4UC13 

 Siemens 6ES5440-5AA11 

 KUKA FE003/1-2 69-157-011

 Ferag Zeitrelaiskarte EX 201.1 526.248.053 526.231.012

 Siemens 6ES5441-4UA13 

 Siemens 6ES5308-3UB11 

 BWO Kommunikationsmodul ETH 084185

  ABB TC512V1 3BSE018059R1 PR A

 Siemens 6ES5476-3AA11 

 High Speed Counter Encoder Allen Bradley SLC 500 1746-HSCE

 Siemens 6ES5470-4UB11

 Siemens 6ES7 460-3AA00-0AB0 

 Yokogawa ADM12 CE1 AS S9832 DB-0

 Siemens Simatic Steuersystem arb 11-p2d2533-1a Neu

 Siemens SPS Sinec 2XV9450-1AU00 

 Prozessorkarte SAE FW 10 CPU 1

 Funke Huster ZADI 81 A1 System ZM 200

 Funke Huster ZGST 11 A1 System ZM 200

 Funke Huster ZADI 82 A1 System ZM 200

 Funke Huster ZEDI 82 A2 System ZM 200

 Einbaukarte Philips 1581 Input Card Prozessmodul 8212-680-59113

 Cybelec NIN 101 NIN101-02f92 135 2066

 Cybelec NMM 130 135-1238

 FHF Digital Output Opto Z51-DA 86 15021621 AX

  FHF Digital Output Relais Z51-DA 83 15021401

 Posten 8 Stück Yokogawa Module 3x ADV151-P10 5x ADV551-P10

 Ferag Relaiskarte EX 368.1 527.103/003 527.105.013

 Ferag Relaiskarte EX 179.1 526.159.23 526.164/24

 Siemens 6ES5312-3AB11 

 Siemens 6ES5 441-8MA11 385-8MA11 380-8MA11 ..

  FHF FSK Modem Z51-MD 11 15007121

 British Federal WS9000 Analog Card PCB 213559A Valve Card BFL 213543

 Schleicher Battenfeld MDA209 /B LUE020+038 94V-0

 Tortronic FU 4903193 4903 11802120

 Messumformer Phoenix Contact MCR-SL-S-1/5-I-DCI-230 2814825

 Trennverstrker Phoenix Contact MCR-C-UI-UI-DCI-NC 2810939

 ABB Schützkontakte Kontakte ZL185 1SFN164903R1000

 ABB Schützkontakte Kontakte ZL145 1SFN164703R1000

 Siemens 6ES7133-1BL00-0XB0 

 Power Supply Dold TE 31 TE 3147/012 TE31.47-12

 Relay Output Board Esser Trend AP102022 ISS 1 ctr.c 9502

 Ferag Ex 315.2 527.317.023 527.319.012

 Ferag Schieberegister 10 x 64 EX 267.1 526.494.03

 Ferag EX 315.2 526.784.023 526.787.032

 Ferag Schieberegister 10 x 64 EX 267.1 526.495.023 526.496.002

 Ferag Relaiskarte EX 179.1 526.159.23

 Druckmarkensensor Datalogic TL7 041 ovp

 Siemens 6ES5456-7LB11 6ES5 456-7LB11 E:2

 Siemens Simatic CPU 530 S5 6ES5530-7LA11 2

 Siemens 6ES5430-4UA14 

 Siemens SPS S5 6ES5512-5AA21 

 Heller Uni-pro ACPU90-VE C 23.050052-01798 H 22.000138-07857

 Siemens 6ES5465-4UA13

 Siemens 6NX2136-5PA6

 Schleicher RIO BC IBS 36314096 ovp

 Siemens 6ES5451-3AE11 

 Siemens Sinumerik 6FX1136-1BA01 E:C

 Profibus Modul GE Fanuc HE693PBS105

 Siemens 6ES5340-3KA21 

 Weld Fase GF Welding F360-IOB CARD Base weld334

 Siemens 6ES5450-6AA11 

 SCE Elettronica CNC M68 2 Rev 56601784

 Power Supply Yokogawa PW484-10 PW 484 S1

 Siemens 500-5114 A 

 Panel board UniOP Exor Sitek TCA07 aus ERT Panel

 SAE FW 10 BST 1

 BWO EDC 084493

 Siemens 6ES5945-7UA11 

 Siemens 6ES5945-7UA11 V.24 E1

 Panel Saia PCD7.D150 PV-MC1-701

 Panel board UniOP Exor T320 aus ERT-16 Panel

 Cybelec NPU 112 135-2066

 Cybelec NIC 111 135-1300

  FHF Digital Input Opto Z51-DE 85 15020005

 Ferag Relaiskarte EX 368.1 527.103.023 527.105.013

 Ferag Relaiskarte EX 368.1 527.103/003 527.105.003

 Schleicher MCS 20-11

 Siemens 6ES5000-1AA31 

 Yokogawa ADM52-2/CE1 AS S9684DH-0

 SAE FW 10 OERA 1 9017040

 Siemens 6ES5944-7UB11

 Einbaukarte Philips PO 1581/64 Output Card 8212 680 59121

 Siemens HW 6FX1124-1CD10

 ABB RDCO-03 64379186 64606930 ovp

 British Federal WS9000 I/O Card PCB 213589B W293152-1

 Power Supply Yokogawa PW484-10 ohne Deckel

 BWO Kommunikationsmodul Com 083708

 Siemens 6ES5431-3BA11 

 Saia Panel PCD7.D150

 BWO PLC 083544

 Texas Instruments 500-5019  Word Input

 BWO AK 083538

 Siemens 6ES5943-7UB21


 Power Supply Schenck DNT 300

 Bus Controller Fanuc IC693BEM331C


 BWO AK 083538

 Siemens 6ES5430-4UA14 

 Siemens simatic Steuersystem arb11-p3d2517-2a

 Siemens 6FL9010-1AA11 E:3

 Siemens 6ES7461-3AA00-0AA0 

 SAE Elektronik Modem FW10/2 FW10 2

 Siemens 6ES7361-3CA01-0AA0 

 Siemens 6ES5431-4UA12 

 Siemens  6SE1200-1DA10-0

 Siemens 6ES5450-3AA11  Stand 1 OVP

 BWO E/A Modul AEK 083950

 Bedienpanel Witron TAST20-IBS 

  Siemens 6ES5942-7UB11 

 Bedienpanel Witron IBS-EATAST 20 Interbus-S

 Einbaukarte Philips LO76 Prozessmodul 4012-110-1112

 Einbaukarte Philips PO 1581/70 Prozessmodul 9405-315-81701

 Siemens 6ES5374-1KH21 

 Siemens 6ES5465-7LA13

 FHF Digital Output Z51-DA 83 15021401

 British Federal WS9000i Interbus Card PCB No 213579C W293101-C1

 Output Module Yokogawa AAM50 S1

 Siemens 6ES5 535-3lb12 301-3ab13 524-3ua13 525-3ua21

 Siemens 6ES7122-1BB10-0AA0 

 Encoder Unit Mitsubishi A172SENC

 Gildemeister board 0.873.415-1 ZAM 08734151ZAM

 Controller BWO CEA 083543

 Helmholz SAS-525-2 Li 700-525-2LI11 

 BWO E/A Modul AK 083942

 Trennverstrker Phoenix Contact MCR-C-UI-UI-DCI 2810913

 Siemens  6FX1126-8BC00 

 Siemens 6ES5430-3BA11 

 Siemens 6ES5431-4UA12

 SCA Schucker SYS3000-200

 Siemens 3UC5800-2A  10-16A

 Ludy Niveaurelais LU 3.2 lu3.2 Niveausteuerung 24V

 Bwo E/A Modul EK 083946

 Siemens 6ES5377-0AB31 

 Digital Input Module Yokogawa ADV151-P10 S2

 Semikron Thyristormodul Semipont SKBT 40/12

 Schneider Automation Telemecanique TSXLES20 

 Siemens 6ES7123-1FB50-0AB0 

 BWO E/A Modul EK 083946

 Weidmüller Winbloc DP  8D0 827526 e4 Profibus DP

 Feldbuskoppler Profibus DP/FMS Wago 750-303

 Siemens 6ES5376-1AA31 

 Weld Fase GF Welding F354-PBS Ethernet weld334

 Funke Huster ZGBV 11 A3 System ZM 200

MDV60A0110-5A3-4-00  MDX60A0110-503-4-00SEW

Ms. Jessica
skype Ms. Jessica
Mobile: 180 3023 5311
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